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これの、「Setting up your development environment」だけやった感じ


  • 手元にngrokあったから、それ使ったんだけどwebhook URLにpath指定してなくてイベント購読できてなかった

    • https://YOUR_NGROK_DOMAIN.ngrok.io/event_handler にした
  • event subscribeまではできた
  • template_server.rb読もう
  • nodeで書き直そう
  • Github AppとOAuth Appがあるけど、Github App内でOAuth認証を利用する感じみたい

    • Identifying and authorizing users for GitHub Apps | GitHub Developer Guide
    • About apps | GitHub Developer Guideに使い分けが書いてある
    • Don't use a GitHub App if you just need a "Login with GitHub" service. But a GitHub App can use a user identification flow to log users in and do other things.

    • Don't build an OAuth App to act as an application for your team or company. OAuth Apps authenticate as a single user, so if one person creates an OAuth App for a company to use, and then they leave the company, no one else will have access to it.

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